Message From The Family

Dear Guest;

Textile and Apparel Industry is an outlier in which you have to love your job to achieve progression, and we simply LOVE creating unique products and contributing to everyday beauty of life and human. With that feeling, Savcan Group has been defining the standards of the industry in Turkey since 1987. As the management, we recruited the most talented designers, equipped our factories with the latest technology, adopted lean production techniques to increase efficiency and visuality, and built strong sales network globally through our offices and agents. Above all; we developed long-term relations with our customers and described Savcan as their solution partner rather than just being a supplier and provided the high quality service at the best time possible. That is why we can truly say that fashion is our passion, fabric is our expertise, and quality service is our promise to you.

Savcan has always been a family owned company but continuously developed professional norms; therefore its employees are the key contributors to the company’s power and knowledge. Keeping this in mind, we adopted new strategy and production techniques through internal leaders and external consultants, and trained our employees to achieve the best. Now, we are being awarded for the demand we get during job applications and we are certainly proud to create a valuable working environment that is also recognized by our customers. We will keep on improving until we achieve our goal to become an international market leader with the support of our stakeholders and friends.

We are looking forward to reaching out to new global customers and working with our new business partners to grow further together.

Nedim Gundemir & Nuvit Gundemir


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