Savcan Printing & Dyeing

A market leader with know-how and foresight

Established in 1987, Savcan Dyeing & Printing is the dynamo of Savcan Group with its wide range of products shipped to customers from all around the world. It is known as one of the top market leaders and a role model with its production quality combined with numerous designs. Each of the dyeing, printing, fixation, stander, and finishing processes are done through the advanced technology available. In-house chemistry and physics labs conduct tests throughout the production to promise high standards of expected order quality. Additionally, every kind of fabric (viscos, cotton, polyester), except woolens, is printed at this facility with all kinds of techniques from classic rotation print to emerging digital printing. The designs are molded by the laser-screening machine that brings perfection in detail.

About 60% of the fabric produced in these facilities are directly exported, while 20% are transferred to Safran Garment Manufacturing and the rest are sold to domestic brands, retailers, and liaison offices. Savcan’s printed fabrics carry the trends that are realized months later by other companies therefore creating competitive advantage for its customers in the fast fashion market.

Facts about Savcan Printing & Dyeing

40,000 m2 production area
55 major production units
85 high tech machinery
450 employees
35 million meters of yearly production capacity

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