Who We Are

Savcan Textile Group, founded in 1987 in Bursa, Turkey, is a family owned and operated fabric and garment manufacturer, supplying the top fast fashion brands and retailers from all around the world. The present factories located in the industrial district of Bursa are fully integrated; along with the weaving, dyeing & printing and garment manufacturing facilities. The company is specialized in the production of printed or plain fabrics, viscose, polyester, poly-viscose, viscose blends, cotton, linen, and other soft apparels.

Savcan has been exporting to mainly European countries for the last 18 years and currently holds remote local offices in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and agents almost in every EU country. Unlike many of the suppliers in the industry, Savcan is a company that exceeds the standards of its customers through professionalism, lean production and investment in all levels of management. We strongly believe that cost reduction is not a matter of using cheap supplies, but a matter of increased production efficiency to achieve excellence.

Additionally Savcan is mainly known as the leading print company, that generates 1600 designs yearly. Collections are created cooperatively with well-known design studios and in-house, and printed and tailored by the most advanced technology available for production. Continuous investment on creativity and technology, dedication to quality without any compromise, highly qualified team of personnel, premium customer service and punctual delivery are priorities, and key elements for Savcan’s continues success.

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